An unusual alliance

After dispatching the kobold patrol, our heroes ducked into a secret passage. Whereupon they heard several kobolds discussing the now missing patrol. Talk of a was overheard, and our heroes decided avoidance was the prudent course of action.

Creeping down the secret corridor, our heroes decided to duck out into another part of the compound. Unfortunately, their trek led them into a trap. While it was mostly harmless to the intimidating barbarian, it did sound a loud clear bell, which caused the the halls to flood with kobolds.

With swords brandished and crossbows loaded, the kobolds seemed ready to spring into action but held back. One stepped forth and addressed the party members, “Non-orcsis why have you come here?!”

Thinking they were your run-of-the-mill kobolds as told in stories, the adventurers assumed these kobolds were nefarious creatures up to no good. As such, they convinced Derek to launch magical mayhem. Upon casting the spell, chaos erupted in the halls and the battle ensued.

After many rounds of combat, and the near loss of a party member, all but the leader were vanquished. At which point, he surrendered to our band of adventurers.

It was at this point, that dialogue was initiated. Turns out, the kobolds had made this abandoned citadel their home. He agreed to grant them an audience with their dragon goddess. The kobold leads the party into the citadel to their goddess.

In an old greenhouse, our heroes meet the dragon. About the size of a large dog, it sits atop a frozen well.

She explains the plight of her children and requests help removing an orc Warband party. given the decimated kobolds by our heros’ actions they agree to help.

Creeping through a small tunnel dug by the Kobolds, our heroes eventuallly find the orc leader and vanquish him.

Now they search the citadel in an effort to discern the reason for the Orck warparty.


AaronHill AaronHill

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