The Adventure Begins

A Pirate Treasure Map is found

For her seventeenth birthday, Lhyanna has decided to buy herself a gift. She had saved up enough gold to purchase an old sea chest from one of the merchants that frequented her parents work.

With the help of her good friend Kokassa, she was able to pick the lock and bypass the hidden trap. Inside she found several nautical (pirate) outfits, an old flask containing a foul smelling liquid and a hand drawn map to secret treasure with a note attached.

The note read:

To my Dearest Family,

I have made arrangements to have this chest delivered to you in the event of my demise. This map details the location of my treasure I collected as I was sailing the waters of Erramus. I have placed the treasure in the small city of Heaven’s Gate on Central Island. The map should show you how to get there. My hopes is that these funds will be able to help you. I know I was not what you had hoped for, and pray that this will help make amends.

Lovingly yours,

With that, Lhyanna and Kokassa went and got their friends the twinsl: Kenda and Kimbra; the hot guy Derek and their muscular friend Draaka.

Because the map didn’t have any references to any known locations on Central Island, they decided to do a little research. Together, they discovered that Avirill Ross was a pirate queen some 500 years ago. Also, the map appears to be referencing a place now known as Oakenville. With the knowlege in hand, the troop headed off into the unknown.

While traveling, the group was accosted by three orcs. Fortunately, our heroes were able to quickly dispatch the would be assailants.

A few days later, while hunting, Kendra, Lyhanna and Kokassa encountered a giant centipede. Thankfully, their cries were heard by their friends, and they were able to dispatch the vermin.

Just shortly after daybreak on the fifth day, the group arrived in Oakenville.


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