Storming the Ship

Neptune's balls, that was tough

Upon discovering that Neptune’s Bounty was scheduled to leave port the follow morning, our heroes decided to take matters into their own hands and rescue Lady Tessla.

Waiting until most of her crew was away for one last night of revelry, our heroes decided to try and bluff their way onto the ship through a clever ruse of bunch of drunken girls boarding the wrong ship.

However, the vigilance of the guards proved somewhat detrimental as they did not fall for it. Especially when our half-orc barbarian charged forth. Being met halfway up the gang plank, our heroes were prevented from boarding the ship. The automaton proved much more difficult than expected. Fortunately, through cunning use of magic and arrows, our heroes were able to incapacitate the other two guards on the ship. Despite not being able to penetrate the warforged’s armor, things were starting to look up for our heroes, until the Man in Black showed up (with reinforcements).

Using Lady Tessla as a human shield, he commanded the fighting to stop and proposed a trade: the woman for the Lens. Kokassa, never one to negotiate with evil, took aim and fired her crossbow. Unfortunately, the bolt went wide and the Man in Black responded by tossing the helpless Lady Tessla into the water.

Diving after here, our young halfling ranger Kimbra quickly caught up with her beneath the murky waters. Unfortunately, she was able to see more than a dozen lifeless eyes staring at her from beneath the waves.

In the mean time, things began to get grim for our heroes. The reinforcements – a gorilla man, awoke the magically induced sleeping guard. Now our heroes were down one and three more combatants were against them. Luckily, with another quick casting, the half-orc was once again immobilized.

Despite this, the Man in Black seemed nonplussed as he offered their lives for the Lens. Again Kokassa ignored this vile creature and unloaded another crossbow bolt – this time scoring true. In response, the Man in Black unleashed a horrible spell causing Kokassa to fall to ground in utter agony and pain.

As Kimbra surfaced she shouted to her fellow heroines (and DerIck) of the horrors below the water. Hearing that more than a dozen zombies were not far, and Lady Tessla safely in tow, our group decided to make a tactical retreat.

Scooping up their friends, our heroes immediately wend to fetch the local guard, which began rounding up soldiers to confront this evil. Fortunately, our friends warned the guards about the dozen or so zombies, at which point the guards regrouped. Within a few moments, elite soldiers – the likes of which our group has never seen, arrived.

As the guards headed to docks, Neptune’s bounty began to leave the docks. At the same time, twenty zombies crawled out of the water. Fearing for public safety, the guards first dispatched the zombies before turning their attention to the fleeing ship. After all the zombies were destroyed, the elite guards turned their attention to the ship. Surprisingly, the ship only lasted a few seconds as a blazing inferno took the ship causing a massive explosion and ball of fire.

Despite the late (or very early) hour, our heroes find themselves once again with the local authorities. This time, answering questions to find out what exactly happened.


AaronHill AaronHill

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