New Friends, New Problems

No good deed goes unpunished

After the defeat of Krixis, our Heroes find themselves the benefactor of one Lady Tessla and the guardians of twenty wards. Fortunately, the abandoned building to which the former gang was using was unclaimed. A few coins from Lady Tessla, as a reward for their work, and the old building is now owned by our intrepid band. Discovering it is a former school, our group decides to convert it into a boarding school to not only house their new wards, but also educate them. After hiring a headmaster and staff as well as funding the remodeling, our heroes receive urgent news from Rienna regarding their mysterious lens.

A rather shaken and worried Rienna informs them that she is quite scared. The lens, she believes, is the legendary artifiact known as the Eye of Boccob. While its powers are unclear, one thing it is know to do is provide a ‘backdoor’ into the realms of the gods. It is said, that with this lens, one could open a direct portal to challenge the gods themselves.

If that was’t scary enough, Rienna informs them a man, dressed in all black, was asking about it earlier that day. Claiming to be in search of a family heirloom stolen by thieves. However, his dead eyes and the goons he had with him made Rienna more than just a little uncomfortalbe; she was downright terrified. It was then she called for our heroes. Fearing for her safety, she requested the heroes stay the night to which they happily agreed.

Reinna’s fears were justified when several men tried to enter the premises. Of course, they were no match for our heroes who were able to quickly dispatch most of them. One, unfortunately escaped.

The next morning, as our heroes headed home, they were greeted by a most unwelcome sight. Armed guards were present with a writ for their arrest. They were charged with kidnapping and possible murder of Lady Tessla!

Knowing they were innocent, they complied with the guards. Discovering that Lady Tessla had been kidnapped during the night, our heroes called upon Rienna to give testimony to their whereabouts. After a few hours (and much grumbling) our heroes were released and decided to take up the investigation themselves. After talking to some of Lady Tessla’s staff they learned a mysterious and shady fellow dressed in black had been acting suspiciously around the home. However, no other information could be discovered so they decided to explore options as only a caster could. They turned to Lady Tessla’s winged feline friend, Princess Firepaws.

Using a bit of magic, they were able to discover another ‘scent’ had recently been in the house and that this new scent had left with Lady Tessla. Following the scent lead our heroes down to the docks at which point it was lost. Figuring this man in black was the same person who took Lady Tessla, they decided to utilize their wards to help them ask around the docks about a mysterious man in black.

What they discovered was both promising and bleak.

Lady Tessla was the last in a string of missing persons. About 20 other locals have gone missing as well. Drunkards and degenerates, no one has been actively looking for them but the locals have noticed them missing. A few witnesses swore they saw most of the missing people board a ship called Neptune’s Bounty. Rumor is that these people were captured for the slave markets of Carraan, but it seems unlikely given the dock-master gave it approval to leave port tomorrow morning – along with most of the Festival ships. The Man in Black is said to frequent Neptune’s Bounty as well, possible the owner.

With less than 16 hours before Neptune’s Bounty is headed to sea, what will our heroes do?


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