Into the Citadel

Putting the Dungeon in Dungeon & Dragons

Over the next day or so, fortune favors our heroes as they do not run into any hostile threats. After another long day of hiking, the group camps within the foothills of the mountains. It is estimated that another day will bring them to Fallen Grace, what they find there nobody knows. As Lyhanna settles into the final watch, she fears their good fortune might just run out.

A pair of eyes, reflecting the low fire light flicker back at her from just beyond the firelight. She hears a low guttural growl as a fierce grey wolf emerges from the darkness. Knowing such a beast would not normally approach fire, she figures the poor thing is half-starved and just looking for some food.

As she gently touches her good luck medallion, she begins making soothing noises. The wolf’s demeanor immediate changes. Moving forward, he sniffs at her outstretched hands and happily accepts the food she is offering. His enthusiasm gets the better of him as he rolls onto Lyhanna.

The next morning, the rest of the group awakens to find a wolf, nuzzled in Lyhanna’s lap. “Look what found me!” Lyhanna beams, and the rest of the group happily accept the new wolf.

Eventually, our heroes find themselves at end of the road and before a large field of nothing. Before them, where treas and scrub brush should grow is a desolate expanse of hardened earth. In a roughly circular shape, over one hundred feet across the ground is barren. Near the far end of the barren waste stood a small, structure like mound.

“I recon a wizard did it” mused Derek.

All heads turned toward him, with eyes of shock and fear. “How do you figure?” Can you tell what magic?" “Is it safe?”. The questions came pouring in.

“Ahem” Derek clearing his throat began. “Well, what I mean to say, is that something as weird and profound as this, must have been caused by some magical influence. And while its emanations have long since departed, thus making it safe to traverse, we surely see the ramifications of said manifestation. In other words; if it looks odd, I bet a wizard did it”.

Deciding to investigate, the group quickly discover that this building is not a simple structure, rather it is the top of a tower. How big and expansive that tow is unknown. Apparently, the legends of this place being swallowed by the earth were true. The group heads into the tower.

After decending many flights of stairs around the circular tower, our group finds themselves on a balcony overlooking a large square room (the first of its kind) with doors leading away from the tower (again a first). Being brave adventurers, they head through the door.

In the next room they discover two secret passage ways leading to the right and left. Choosing right (at seemingly random), the group discovers six rooms containing four beds each as well as another secret passage. These beds are new-ish, small and empty. Whoever sleeps here, are not here now. They also discover some minor treasure within the beds.

Traversing down the secret passage, they discover another curious site: a large bedroom with dresser and a desk. Upon tearing apart the desk, Kokassa discovers several arcane scrolls as well as a magical crystal.

Meanwhile, at the door, Kendra hears some faint noises. After checking for traps, Kokassa unlocks the door. However the next room is completely empty. Once again, Kokassa checks for traps and opens the door. However, she forgot to listen to see if anybody was on the other side. Seven startled Kobolds are flooded with light from the torches as our heroes are caught off guard.

After a quick fight, our heroes are able to disperse the kobolds. However, their actions do not go unnoticed. Behind the door down the hallway, out heroes hear more kobolds are going to investigate the strange sounds that were coming from the hall. Thinking quickly, our heroes grab all the bodies, arrows, and loot and rush back towards the secret passage.


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