Delving into the Crypts
Why do they always have dead things in them?

Upon defeating the Orc leaders, our heroes searched the orc encampment for the thing that all heroes look for – treasure. Moving past the celebratory kobolds, the party discovered a small hidden room used used by the orc leaders. Inside, they discovered a journal with what appeared to be a conversation between two people. Unfortunately, half of the conversation was in a language none could understand. From the half that they could read, they discovered that the orcs were not here at random, but were looking for a box believed to be in the Dragon’s possession. Furthermore, it appears another person entered the crypts and caused them to become unsafe. As the heroes are reading the journal, writing, in this unknown language, magically appears on the page. They decide to keep the journal for further study.

True to her word, the dragon has a kobold show our heroes the path to the crypts. The kobold guide leads our heroes down an ancient hallway where it abruptly ends. A chasm, impossibly deep is before them, as if the ground was torn asunder. The koblold explains that the citadel continues on the other side of the chasm and all they have to do is jump across.

Leading the way, Draaka easily leaped the five foot expanse. After quickly checking the other side, she motioned for her party to join her. Unbeknownst to her, a skeleton was lurking around the corner out of sight. Lurching out of the darkness, it attacked the barbarian. However, the lone skeleton never stood a chance as Draaka made short work of it with her mighty greatsword as the rest of her party jumped across the chasm.

Now on alert, the party scoured the remaining rooms looking for the skeleton’s friends. Not finding any, they decided to split the party. Kokassa and Lyhanna would remain behind in case the kobolds became emboldened while the rest of the party examined the lower crypts.

Upon delving into the lower crypts, our group of heroes came across a barred set of doors with the sounds of shuffling creatures on the other side. Peering through the hole, Draaka was able to make out around a dozen more skeletal warriors. Realizing their energies and resources were depleted the group made a tactical decision to rest in one of the rooms above and come back again tomorrow. As the party rested, Kendra recalled some lore regarding skeletons and how to kill them.

After an uneventful night, the party once again spit apart and the four adventureres delved into the crypts. Outfitted with some new-found gear and an idea on how to kill these creatures, our group threw open the doors and engaged the undead abominations.

Ten skeletons all turned at once as soon as the doors opened and light flooded the room. Their sole purpose: kill the living was etched clearly on their bony faces. The ten skeletons proved to be more difficult than our party initially anticipated as the fight dragged on. However, recalling one of the scrolls she found recently, Kendra summoned a mighty bison imbued with holy power to smite these accursed horrors. With its divine protection, the mighty bison simply shrugged off the would be attackers and focused its fury on the skeletons. Within a few moments, all the skeletons were destroyed.

After taking a few moments to look throughout the room, the party realized that this was the actual crypt. Dozens, perhaps hundreds of skeletal remains lay to rest here. Unfortunately, it appeared several of the graves had been recently disturbed. Derrek, recalling his magical studies proclaimed that these crypt skeletons were clearly animated by dark magic. If was at this point that Kimbra noticed that skeletons they had just destroyed were beginning to pull themselves back together.

Hastily, our heroes ran and smashed the skeletons once gain. Then, using some shields as impromptu shoves, deposited all the bones into the chasm. Thinking the problem solved went back into the crypts. Unfortunately, as they were passing through the crypts, they once again heard the rustling of bones becoming animated. Realizing their were several hundred potential skeletons, they decided to lock the doors and go further into the crypt to hopefully find the magic that was causing this.

Down another long hallway, the group entered a massive circular mausoleum over 20 across Along the walls plaques with the names of ancient lords lined the walls three high. And, on the floor, encompassing the entire room was a glowing eight pointed star. At each point, a symbol was drawn on the floor. In the center of the star, written in common was the phrase ‘Have a Nice Day’ around a circle encompassing two dots and an arc: en effigy of a smiling face.

“Definitely Magic” concluded Derrek.

Tentatively, Derrek reached his hand into the energy. Feeling nothing, he concluded that the glowing lines were not directly harmful. Seeing this, Draaka decided that she would investigate the strange symbol in the center of the star. In frustration, Draaka stomped on the smiling face.

As soon as her foot touched the face, all the glowing lines disappeared and slammed the doors to room shut, locking our heroes in. After a few heartbeats a loud thud could be heard. Echoing off the walls, the sound appeared to come from all directs. However, the perceptive Kimbra immediately located the source of the sound: it was coming from inside one of the crypts!. “Boom! Boom! BOOM!” the slamming continued to become louder and faster. Dust was visibly falling from the walls and minute cracks began to appear.



With a tremendous crash, the stone plaque flew halfway across the room and an armored skeleton emerged from the tomb. Seeing our heroes it immediately rushed towards them. Seeing yet another unholy abomination, Draaka unleasher her fury and rushed headlong into battle with the undead spawn. At the same time, Derrek tried to use on of his new found scrolls to dominate the skeleton. Unfortunately, the power within the scroll was too strong for him and ended up ruining the scroll without releasing it’s magic. With magic depleted, it was now up to the strength of arms.

Despite her powerful blows, the skeleton proved to be more difficult than the others. And its greatsword quickly injured our barbarian friend. With the help of her allies, Draaka was able to cling to life round after round. Finally, our heroes were able to destroy the deadly skeleton.

Exhausted after the fight, Kimbra noticed something. The sounds the other undead had been makeing ceased. A quick look down the hall confirmed her suspicions – without the magic, the undead corpes became just a pile of bones.

Meanwhile, Kendra invoked the incantation mentioned in the map. A large sea chest seemed to materialize out of nowhere (Derrek was quick to point out that the chest was simply called forth using a predetermined trigger word from a localized pocket dimension).

Inside the chest was gold, jewels and other precious art objects. Burried near the bottom was a plain looking rosewood box. Inside the box, was a crystal lens sixes across and nearly two inches thick.

After collecting their spoils, the group traveled home back to Edgemoore.

Upon arriving home, they immediately noticed several changes. First, while adventuring, they had lost track of time and the Mid Season Festival was underway. Games, vendors and a plethora of people were overflowing Edgemoore. Second, the ports were exploding with traveling merchants. Apparently Edgemoore’s growing population was attracting more people from all over Erramus. Finally, upon entering the city, the guards requested their travel documents. While away, the new mayor had implemented a new decree requiring all citizens of Edgemoore to establish residency and acquire travel documents.

When questioned as to the new rule, the guards simple response of: “for your protection” didn’t sit well with our heroes.

An unusual alliance

After dispatching the kobold patrol, our heroes ducked into a secret passage. Whereupon they heard several kobolds discussing the now missing patrol. Talk of a was overheard, and our heroes decided avoidance was the prudent course of action.

Creeping down the secret corridor, our heroes decided to duck out into another part of the compound. Unfortunately, their trek led them into a trap. While it was mostly harmless to the intimidating barbarian, it did sound a loud clear bell, which caused the the halls to flood with kobolds.

With swords brandished and crossbows loaded, the kobolds seemed ready to spring into action but held back. One stepped forth and addressed the party members, “Non-orcsis why have you come here?!”

Thinking they were your run-of-the-mill kobolds as told in stories, the adventurers assumed these kobolds were nefarious creatures up to no good. As such, they convinced Derek to launch magical mayhem. Upon casting the spell, chaos erupted in the halls and the battle ensued.

After many rounds of combat, and the near loss of a party member, all but the leader were vanquished. At which point, he surrendered to our band of adventurers.

It was at this point, that dialogue was initiated. Turns out, the kobolds had made this abandoned citadel their home. He agreed to grant them an audience with their dragon goddess. The kobold leads the party into the citadel to their goddess.

In an old greenhouse, our heroes meet the dragon. About the size of a large dog, it sits atop a frozen well.

She explains the plight of her children and requests help removing an orc Warband party. given the decimated kobolds by our heros’ actions they agree to help.

Creeping through a small tunnel dug by the Kobolds, our heroes eventuallly find the orc leader and vanquish him.

Now they search the citadel in an effort to discern the reason for the Orck warparty.

Into the Citadel
Putting the Dungeon in Dungeon & Dragons

Over the next day or so, fortune favors our heroes as they do not run into any hostile threats. After another long day of hiking, the group camps within the foothills of the mountains. It is estimated that another day will bring them to Fallen Grace, what they find there nobody knows. As Lyhanna settles into the final watch, she fears their good fortune might just run out.

A pair of eyes, reflecting the low fire light flicker back at her from just beyond the firelight. She hears a low guttural growl as a fierce grey wolf emerges from the darkness. Knowing such a beast would not normally approach fire, she figures the poor thing is half-starved and just looking for some food.

As she gently touches her good luck medallion, she begins making soothing noises. The wolf’s demeanor immediate changes. Moving forward, he sniffs at her outstretched hands and happily accepts the food she is offering. His enthusiasm gets the better of him as he rolls onto Lyhanna.

The next morning, the rest of the group awakens to find a wolf, nuzzled in Lyhanna’s lap. “Look what found me!” Lyhanna beams, and the rest of the group happily accept the new wolf.

Eventually, our heroes find themselves at end of the road and before a large field of nothing. Before them, where treas and scrub brush should grow is a desolate expanse of hardened earth. In a roughly circular shape, over one hundred feet across the ground is barren. Near the far end of the barren waste stood a small, structure like mound.

“I recon a wizard did it” mused Derek.

All heads turned toward him, with eyes of shock and fear. “How do you figure?” Can you tell what magic?" “Is it safe?”. The questions came pouring in.

“Ahem” Derek clearing his throat began. “Well, what I mean to say, is that something as weird and profound as this, must have been caused by some magical influence. And while its emanations have long since departed, thus making it safe to traverse, we surely see the ramifications of said manifestation. In other words; if it looks odd, I bet a wizard did it”.

Deciding to investigate, the group quickly discover that this building is not a simple structure, rather it is the top of a tower. How big and expansive that tow is unknown. Apparently, the legends of this place being swallowed by the earth were true. The group heads into the tower.

After decending many flights of stairs around the circular tower, our group finds themselves on a balcony overlooking a large square room (the first of its kind) with doors leading away from the tower (again a first). Being brave adventurers, they head through the door.

In the next room they discover two secret passage ways leading to the right and left. Choosing right (at seemingly random), the group discovers six rooms containing four beds each as well as another secret passage. These beds are new-ish, small and empty. Whoever sleeps here, are not here now. They also discover some minor treasure within the beds.

Traversing down the secret passage, they discover another curious site: a large bedroom with dresser and a desk. Upon tearing apart the desk, Kokassa discovers several arcane scrolls as well as a magical crystal.

Meanwhile, at the door, Kendra hears some faint noises. After checking for traps, Kokassa unlocks the door. However the next room is completely empty. Once again, Kokassa checks for traps and opens the door. However, she forgot to listen to see if anybody was on the other side. Seven startled Kobolds are flooded with light from the torches as our heroes are caught off guard.

After a quick fight, our heroes are able to disperse the kobolds. However, their actions do not go unnoticed. Behind the door down the hallway, out heroes hear more kobolds are going to investigate the strange sounds that were coming from the hall. Thinking quickly, our heroes grab all the bodies, arrows, and loot and rush back towards the secret passage.

Village of Oakenville
The Journey Begins

Our intrepid heroes have made their way to the small village of Oakenville. Upon arrival, our adventurers went to the local brew-house for some much needed breakfast and rest.

After a brief stop, they began to wander throughout the village and discovered that the entire town appeared to be empty. Eventually, they discovered everybody was at the local church as a local wedding was taking place.

After the wedding, the mayor of the town, Rynnak approached the adventurers. He agreed to tell them about their destination and together they went to his home. Their, they met his wife, Jewel Fireshadow and the two of them explained what happened in this region.

Hundreds of years ago, Heaven’s Gate was the name of a citadel located in the mountains. so named for the rock formation shaped in the form of praying hands. The rock formation has crumbled and the citadel sank into the earth, swallowed whole killing all who lived there. It is now known as Fallen Grace.

Since its fall, the intervening forest has fallen to the wild. Orcs and other monsters now live where once the wood elves patrolled. Travelling through the trail is a dangerous and perilous journey. With this new knowledge obtained, our heroes set forth in procuring some additional gear before heading out into the dangerous unknown.

It didn’t take very long for the dangers of the forest to reveal themselves to our heroes. Shortly after leaving Oakenville, a band of Orcs thought to make easy prey of our adventurers. Unfortunately, for them, their prey turned out to be not easy at all.

On their second day, just as they were making camp, another would be hunter showed itself. Three Krenshars thought to make a quick meal of our adventurers. Once again, keen senses saved the day as our heroes were able to dispatch the hunters before becoming the hunted.

On the third day, while breaking for mid-day meal, our heroes stumbled upon the nest of a giant spiders. Fortunately, one of their own discovered the web-spinners before becoming the spider’s next meal. Choosing to leave the spiders alone, our heroes heroically chose to tactfully disengage.

At the end of the third day, a ‘guest’ arrived at the adventurer’s camp. A wood-elf warned the adventurers that they were dangerously close to their territory. And further encroachment would be met with hostility.

With only another day of travel ahead of them, our heroes are ever closer to their prize. But will they make it?

The Adventure Begins
A Pirate Treasure Map is found

For her seventeenth birthday, Lhyanna has decided to buy herself a gift. She had saved up enough gold to purchase an old sea chest from one of the merchants that frequented her parents work.

With the help of her good friend Kokassa, she was able to pick the lock and bypass the hidden trap. Inside she found several nautical (pirate) outfits, an old flask containing a foul smelling liquid and a hand drawn map to secret treasure with a note attached.

The note read:

To my Dearest Family,

I have made arrangements to have this chest delivered to you in the event of my demise. This map details the location of my treasure I collected as I was sailing the waters of Erramus. I have placed the treasure in the small city of Heaven’s Gate on Central Island. The map should show you how to get there. My hopes is that these funds will be able to help you. I know I was not what you had hoped for, and pray that this will help make amends.

Lovingly yours,

With that, Lhyanna and Kokassa went and got their friends the twinsl: Kenda and Kimbra; the hot guy Derek and their muscular friend Draaka.

Because the map didn’t have any references to any known locations on Central Island, they decided to do a little research. Together, they discovered that Avirill Ross was a pirate queen some 500 years ago. Also, the map appears to be referencing a place now known as Oakenville. With the knowlege in hand, the troop headed off into the unknown.

While traveling, the group was accosted by three orcs. Fortunately, our heroes were able to quickly dispatch the would be assailants.

A few days later, while hunting, Kendra, Lyhanna and Kokassa encountered a giant centipede. Thankfully, their cries were heard by their friends, and they were able to dispatch the vermin.

Just shortly after daybreak on the fifth day, the group arrived in Oakenville.


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