A meeting with Krixis

Putting Scum in its place - the bottom of my boot

After returning home, our heroes found some things had changed. A new mayor, some new laws, and a huge festival. Of course being the adventuring sort, they ignored all that and headed strait for the shops. With all this loot, it was time to upgrade the ol’ equipment. So off to Orienna’s Adventuring Wares: All wares for your adventuring needs.

With Rienna’s help, our heroes were able to outfit themselves with the latest garb for adventuring. She also agreed to investigate the mysterious crystal lens. Finally, Rienna told them of a possible job for the adventuring type to help out her good friend Lady Tienna Downing and her missing pet cat-dragon Princess Firepaws.

Upon arriving at Lady Tienna’s house, the girls realized they were a bit road weary and felt a much needed upgrade to their wardrobe – so off to shopping once more. However, this time, they began asking questions about such a rare creature and its disappearance. Kokassa was able to learn that a local gang “The Green Dragons” led by their bruitish leader Krixis was rumored to have such a rare creature. Most suspected they had stolen it but few dared to question him. At this point, the girls decided to talk to Krixis at his local hang-out: Derry’s Dockside Tavern.

Meanwhile, our daring, do-gooder Derik decides to talk to Lady Tienna about the missing pet. She describes the animal in great detail and is able to provide some information as to how it managed to get stolen. She also provides Derik with Princess Firepaws’s favorite toy to help if they actually find the animal. Derik decides to meet-up with his friends and heads towards the docks.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party meets Krixis. A young half-orc, he is covered in tattoos. He sits in a private room next to a young woman who is trying too hard to be pretty. He exudes bravado and confidence but his arrogance is appalling. After a few minutes of conversation, our heroes convinces Krixis they are interested as potential buyers for exotic animals and agree to come back later with some money. As they leave, they notice that they are being followed by a young man who was also at the tavern. After quickly capturing the youth, they discover that he works for Krixis and was told to follow them. The party eventually convince the young lad to help them.

The party decides to enlist some magical help in the form of scrying. With the use of the animal’s toy, they are able to see Princess Firepaws. Locked in a cage, within a stone room. After a few minutes, a voice can be heard, Within the scrying mirror Krixis can be seen feeding the animal and commenting on how its about to make him lots and lots of money.

Being familiar with the area, our group realizes that only a dozen or so buildings could hold such an animal unnoticed. Splitting up – our group divides the 12 buildings up to see which one has had any activity. When they reconvene later that night, they have dropped the number of buildings to three.

Our group also decides to inform Lady Tienna of the situation. She is distraught that her prized pet is being so harshly treated. The 5,000 gold coins are not something she has available immediately as her wealth is mostly tied up in investments. She then informs the group that the actual value of the creature is closer to ten times the rate he is asking for. This pet is much more than a rare cat-dragon. It was given as a part of a diplomatic mission in the establishment of a new trade agreement between the Almegan Trading Guild and a tribe on the continent of Gant. This creature is akin to a living idol worshiped by these people. It symbolizes the unity between the Almegan Trading Guild and these people. Realizing that there might be much more going on here than just a simple missing pet, our heroes decide to head home and regroup.

Unfortunately, Kendra shows up with some terrible news and they all need to come to her parents brew-pub. Rushing back to her parents brew-house, the discover that their informant has been found out. Bruised and bloody he mumbles that Krixis found out that he was going to help them and proceeded to beat him to within an inch of his life. He tells them that his sister is being held by Krixis and he is expecting them at his ‘school’.

Although they feel righteous rage, cooler heads prevail and the group seeks out the local authority. Good fortune is with them as Derik runs into an old school-mate from primary school who now is one of the town guards. He tells Derik that Krixis has been a thorn in the side of the town guards but nothing ever sticks. He is fairly certain he is being protected by someone with real power and authority. Without any hard proof (an eye witness) that Derik actually stole the valuable pet, he cannot act. He warns Derik to be mindful of killing a citizen regardless of how much of a scumbag they are.

Realizing they are running out of time, they once again head back to the pub to come up with a plan. Upon arrival, they discover that they have even more children seeking refuge from Krixis. One little half-elf girl tells them that she has been inside the ‘school’ and knows where the pet is as she used to feed the animal. She warns them of a final obstacle – the stone guardian. Armed with the final piece of knowledge the group leaves for the school.

Upon entering the abandoned building, Krixis once again is seated. He talks of being a business man and only wanting to do business. He tries, unsuccessfully to convince the party that their little errand boy was blowing things out of proportion. Of course our hero’s don’t buy it. Instead, Derik makes a rousing speech. He tells all the children that Krixis is a bully and a coward and that if they should so choose, they can come with them instead of fighting. Derik promises food, shelter, security and most important of all, protection from people like Krixis.

Upon hearing this, Krixis flies into a rage and attacks the party. The fighting is intense as the gargoyle guardian lays into our heroes. Fortunately, Deriks speech was so inspiring only two of the gang raised arms against them. As such Krixis never stood a chance. Eventually he succumbed to his wounds and fell. Using a wand they found, they ensured he would not die and summoned their guard friend.

Now our heroes find themselves with near 20 wards. What will happen next?


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